About Us

Digital Goalpost’s company has developed the revolutionary digital goalpost technology and continues to bring 21st century strategic product development, techniques and solutions to better serve the sports industry.

The Multimedia Goalpost technology known as of the goalpost of the future and address for multiple sports mainly for the professional sports organizations, leagues and clubs, it offers players safety and injury prevention solution, scoring goal announcement system, fanbase engagement solution, sponsorship display, digital signage technology, audio-visual technology and digital entertainment services.

Our patented Digital Goalpost Technology product line is constructed by top specialist with innovative ideas and solid engineering skills using the premium materials and cutting-edge technology.
Manufacturers under a prestigious sport field equipment and technology, manufacturing facility to produce the finest goalpost of the 21st century.

Digital Goalposts’ exceptional sports field products and services provide enhanced audiences with a heightened experience while providing new advertising opportunities and branding prospects both in-stadium and on television.

Company Bio

Mr. Nabile Lalaoua, is the founder and CEO of DIGITAL GOALPOSTS company, he had migrated from France to United States thirty years ago. Over the years, he has accumulated tremendous knowledge and has built a significant business network with industry professionals, that made him a well-established American self-made entrepreneur, engineer and a prolific inventor in the sports industry and digital branding technology. His exceptional troubleshooting skills, perfectionism combined with the detail-oriented skills, to formulate innovative cutting-edge solutions that offer him and his creations profound capabilities have also earned him an elite status among the high ranking inventors in sports and branding technology. In 2010 Nabile become the Founder and CEO of Nabile Innovations company, which specialized in innovation and multichannel marketing. He has initiated successfully in fitness equipment and marketing industry respectively.

Nabile’s latest invention is the revolutionized Digital Goalposts Technology, which is an exceptional and prestigious sport goalpost product line, using the latest technology available today. In 2019 FIFA has allowed Nabile, and his company to proceed with the use of the Multimedia Soccer Goalpost Display Technology in any soccer stadiums and in sanctioned matches and Professional Football Leagues and Clubs can now consult with the company in regards to the use of the new technology and its opportunities.

We are in talks with FIFA and UEFA for the consideration of using the technology for the future tournaments.

Sports Branding at the heart of the Game